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RAVABOT is a new-generation AI-powered chatbot that brings you up-close interactions with celebrities and famous personalities. Through digital avatars that take the form of lifelike AI realistic models and are enriched by the capabilities of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), RAVABOT offers genuinely immersive and captivating interaction experiences. 

RAVATAR’s avatars harness an extensive knowledge base, incorporating a wealth of information about your chosen personality. They can communicate using the person’s original voice and even deliver personalized video messages, mirroring real-life conversations. That’s why RAVABOT goes far beyond standard interactions, crafting meaningful, personalized conversations that elevate user engagement into lasting memories.

So, let’s give it a try!

To get access to our RAVABOT prototype, please click the button below:
Get AccessKindly be aware that RAVABOT operates as a pre-paid service. Outgoing messages are free, while to receive an answer from the chosen AI person, you need to have sufficient funds in your account. For the given prototype, the bot is pre-configured to offer a certain number of free messages as a welcome bonus upon your first use.

Launching the Bot

To initiate the bot, please access your preferred messenger (we will show it with the example of Telegram), enter the designated bot address, and press START.

When launching the bot for the very first time, you will be seamlessly guided through key configuration steps. Later, you’ll be able to return to any of these options at your convenience using the appropriate commands available within the Menu list.

telegram chatbot example digital interaction

In addition, you can refer to the brief in-built /help guide for more comprehensive explanations of the prompts.

Choosing the Language

When the bot is started, you will be prompted to select your preferred language for the interaction.

create custom multilingual gpt chatbot

For now, RAVABOT supports 10 languages: English, Polish, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. 

This selection indicates that all information related to the bot’s services, as well as incoming messages from a virtual personality, will be communicated in that language.

Note: While engaging with an AI personality, you have the flexibility to type or speak in any of the supported languages. RAVABOT will automatically recognize your input and respond in the language you selected during the configuration process.

Further, you can easily switch between the languages using the /language command.

Selecting AI Personality

During this step, you will encounter a list of accessible AI personas with whom you can engage in conversation. 

Simply choose the desired persona to view their introductory message.

ai person bot fan interaction

At this point, you have an option to either return Back to the list of available personalities and get acquainted with other featured characters, or press Start Conversation if you’d like to proceed with your first message.

Later, you can access the list of available personalities to make a different selection by entering the command /list (or opting for it within the Menu).

Tip: The conversation history with each AI persona is preserved, so you can be sure that shifting between different characters and even removing and subsequently reaccessing the bot will not affect the profound level of engagement you have already attained during prior interactions.

Funding Account Balance

The subsequent step involves topping up your account.

The corresponding dialog will automatically appear during the first chatbot launch after you select the AI persona for communication or in case your account balance runs out of funds and you need to replenish it to sustain the conversation.

gpt bot with ai generated avatars monetization

Also, you can call this menu whenever needed with the /deposit command.

Note: Your custom RAVABOT-based chatbot can be configured to gift a certain number of free messages as a welcome bonus upon the first launch.

Once you’ve chosen one of the preset amounts, the Telegram bot will automatically generate an invoice and offer to proceed to the checkout.

celebrity bot for business and fan interaction

By pressing on Pay, you’ll be shown the form, where you need to select the Payment Method and enter the card details (unless they have already been saved).

Hence, select the linked card or complete the necessary fields, and then press Pay in this frame. 

After a while, the invoice will be processed, and you’ll be shown the following confirmation:

create custom chatbot with personalized avatar

Now, you can proceed with the conversation.


If you select this option, you’ll be proposed to transfer some sum to the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians who suffered from the russian invasion. 

Tip: When creating your custom RAVABOT-based chatbot, the charitable donation goal can be tailored to your preferences or entirely omitted.

Please Note that this money WON’T be added to your account balance but directly channeled to the funds that help people affected by the war.

Balance Management

You can check the state of your balance at any time.

For that, either choose the /balance command from the Menu or just type it in the message box.

how to check balance at influencer bot

You will see the amount of funds in your balance, along with a corresponding calculation showing the number of available messages based on their type ($0.1 for an incoming text message, $1 for 1 min audio, and either $10 or $2 for 1 min video depending on the integrated AI video generation service; outgoing messages are free of charge).

Also, if a bot is configured to gift a certain number of free messages as a welcome bonus upon the first launch, their count will be displayed here as well.

Note: The chatbot balance is linked to your Telegram account, ensuring that the funds will remain intact even if you log in from a different device or remove the chatbot from your chat list and subsequently re-access it.

Interaction Types

Before actually starting the conversation, you’ll be asked to choose the chat type, either text, voice, or audio messages.

gpt-based bot audio chat video chat text

Herewith, this selection designates only the type of message you’ll receive, while your outgoing messages can be either text or audio, regardless of the option you’ve chosen.

Note that generation of audio and, especially, video responses can take some time – you can track this process by the corresponding ‘recording a voice message’ or ‘recording the video’ chatbot status. Meanwhile, you can continue sending the messages – each of them will be answered one by one.

Please remember that your account balance will be charged differently depending on the message type you receive from an AI persona – $0.1 for an incoming text message, $1 for 1 min audio, and either $10 or $2 for 1 min video (depending on the AI video generation service used).

Outgoing Messages

To converse with the chosen AI personality, you can send either text or voice messages.

For every recorded audio message, the bot will prompt you to ensure its comprehension by initiating the appropriate confirmation dialogue:

artificial intelligence telegram chatbot for business

Once you approve that everything is correct, you will receive a response. If the text wasn’t recognized correctly, you have the option to press No and try to say it again. 

Please remember that outgoing messages are not paid. Therefore, if the bot doesn’t understand you at once, feel free to repeat your question until it is correctly recognized. Rest assured that these attempts won’t incur any costs — you are only billed for the response that is generated after you press YES.

Herewith, you can compose text or record audio messages in any supported language regardless of which one you’ve chosen for interaction – the bot will make every effort to recognize your input and deliver the response in the language you initially selected.

Help and Support

To see the short guidance on the bot’s usage and the list of available commands with explanations on it, use the /help command.
digital ai avatar chatbot help

If you encounter any problems, have questions, or wish to share suggestions while using RAVABOT, please don’t hesitate to reach out by sending an inquiry to support@ravatar.com.

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